Toggle Type Sampling Valve

Series 9003 is made of stainless steel & PTFE. This series of sampling valve features a flange or weld connection & a toggle clamp for sampling. This series of sampling valve is fitted with a CIP port for complete cleaning of the valve. The valve body can also be dismantled for thorough cleaning. A Borosil® glass bottle is provided with the valve. Extra bottles can be provided at an extra cost.


SS 316L (Valve Body)
SS 304(Toggle Clamp)


Flange, Weld & Tri-Clamp connection.

Sample Collection

Borosil® glass bottle (Capacity: 10ML | 50ML | 100ML)


Containment version available on request. Ball Valve or NRV for CIP Port available on request at an extra cost.

  • Toggle Type Sampling Valve